Friday, May 1, 2009

Willpower and Wishes

I really regret eating the piece of Butterfinger cream pie I saved for my son. It was late at night, I took the cat to her sleeping area, was nearly asleep, then peeled off to the fridge to pull it out and wolf it down. I was almost asleep! Where is my willpower? I need it now facing a new story and its first draft, always stressful, always a challenge.
As I've gotten older, my ability to call up the strength to do something difficult seems to ebb and flow. I need some willpower tricks. I've made lists, but, somehow, when the chips are down, it's blood-sweating agony to push past the temptations.
What about you? What willpower tricks have you come up with?
Help me...I'm desperate...must resist homemade pirogi...
Dawn Atkins

1 comment:

  1. I have strong willpower when it involves my list of priorities. If my priority is to drop a few pounds, then I can suck it up and do it. I keep telling myself, "You can do it. Don't give in." One trick I've found for not eating between dinner and bed time is to go up and floss and brush my teeth right after dinner. I also think about how good I'm going to feel about myself the next morning when I wake up and remember I didn't go back and have that late night snack.

    Hope this helps,