Saturday, May 2, 2009

The book I'm working on focuses on saving a small, quirky shopping mall. Doing research, I've been intrigued by all the reports of malls going down in flames. There's even a website,, where they show photos and report on dead or dying malls. Are malls dying, do you think? Bear in mind, I'm not a shopper, so this is way out of my realm. I shop with friends who are pros at it and my sisters, who rock at shopping zen. What first drew you to the mall? Now what does it? Malls reflect culture, right? What's Life Beyond Malls like, do you think?
Dawn Atkins

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  1. I go to the Mall if I need something. I usually don't go just to browse. Occasionally, if we're out in the evening, we might walk through the Mall to check out the dogs in the pet store window and maybe people watch a bit. Of course, we have to make a detour by the bookstore.

    I don't know what the future of shopping will be but holographic images might be involved. Ones where the shopper can touch the product they want to buy like a skirt or sweater or coat. They can call it up with the click of a button then decide if they want to buy it.