Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Love That Needs No Valentines

I want nothing from my husband on Valentine's Day.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn down roses or a card or anything. I guess I mean I don't need anything from my husband on Valentine's Day.

That's because he makes me feel loved, needed, wanted and appreciated all year long. That sounds hokey, I know. He's no saint, believe me, but he brings home flowers for no particular reason, buys me athletic socks after overhearing me mumbling about the holes in mine, and the words "I love you" roll off his tongue pretty regularly.

There have been periods of time over the years when I've felt lonely, under-appreciated, taken for granted maybe. If that went on very long, you can bet I'd be tapping my foot on my birthday or Valentine's Day, expecting some tangible proof that he'd thought about me. And it better not be from a Seven-Eleven, either.

There are also bad Valentine's Day gifts, as I'm sure you know. One year, he brought home a big box of chocolates and I wanted to throw them at his head.

Why? Because I'd been fighting a hard battle with about twenty pounds of post-baby cargo I had just begun making headway on losing The last thing I needed was a box of chocolates I would plow through without even sitting down first. That was no gift. It was an assault.

Which brings me to the question of what makes a good gift, for Valentine's Day or any day. My theory is it should be personalized, something your loved one noticed about you, only you, a secret wish or a longed-for treat.

What do you think about celebrating Valentine's Day and gifts and cards? What was your best Valentine's Day? What made it that way?

In honor of the holiday, I'm giving away a few books. Tell me your Valentine's Day tale and you'll be part of my drawing.
May you have the Valentine's Day of your dreams.
Dawn Atkins