Monday, August 20, 2012

Hopeful or Hopeless...How Full is your Glass?

Here's the cover of my October book. Set in a small Arizona town, it's the story of two broken people who heal each other. Cara is on the run, along with her 9-yr-old daughter, from her abusive ex-husband when she lands a waitress job at the Comfort Cafe, where fry-cook Jonah is recovering from the break up of his marriage by building amazing furniture. I wanted the cafe to look inviting and full of "hope," but am wroried it looks a tad, well, hopeless...lost and deserted. Thoughts? Hopeful ones, I hope


Here's the back-cover blurb for more detail:


Welcome to New Hope, AZ

New Hope? Not from where Cara Price is standing. Miles from her destination, a car that won’t run and a daughter she can protect only by moving, lingering in this town is not on Cara’s plan.

And the harder she pushes to leave, the more things conspire to prevent that. There’s the slow mechanic…there’s the café in need of a waitress…there’s its owner in need of a friend. There’s also the very tempting Jonah Gold.

Cara’s plan is all about survival with no room for romance. Yet, Jonah’s charm and the easy way they work together has her wanting to make space for him. The promise of what they share is so different from the life she’s escaping. Maybe this café, this town and Jonah are all the hope she needs!