Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stark Naked in Public

Okay, I've published 22 books and I'm nervous as all get out over the book due on shelves in a week. STILL IRRESISTIBLE is the title. The cover's pretty good, right? The story's emotional and has mystery and humor. All good. So what's the problem?

The women in my exercise classes recently have discovered I'm a writer and are clamoring to know when and where to find my next book. I told them and now they might buy and read the thing.

I feel like I do in those dreams where you show up at school stark naked. Completely, um, exposed. Will they like it? Will they tell me? What if no one says a word? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Such is human nature, I guess.

And, speaking of human nature, I recently got hooked up on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and eHarlequin, chatting away like a maniac. As I face those "what are you doing now?" queries each morning, I realize how utterly boring I am.

What am I doing? The usual: Writing, fighting writing, worrying about writing, revising writing, with an occasional "waiting for word from my editor or agent on my writing."

Who wants to read about that?

Though when I accidentally deleted an hour's worth of new writing on a synopsis and reported it on Facebook, I got several frantic posts of concern, and suggestions to hit "control Z" before it was too late! Very sweet, I thought. People care about frustrations and loss and want to help where they can. I find that comforting.

What other updates scored major comment? My post-martini misery, my jones for Paradise Bakery cookies, and my sick cat. At least I know we all know what's important.

I had a blast with "20 random things about me," tagging friends and getting tagged back. I'm impressed with all the wisdom and wide-ranging life experiences my friends have had.

What are your favorite updates? Do social networks help you stay close or irritate the crap out of you?

Oh, and, what are you doing right now?

Dawn Atkins


  1. LOL! Right now I'm typing on the computer when I'd rather be reading. Especially since I got both books yesterday, Dawn. Thank you so much. I appreciate both of them. :-)
    I always say MySpace is the devil even though I've only had one bad experience. Knock on wood. I like MySpace because a few of my high school friends found me. Also I have a lot of authors and bands as friends and it's nice to get to know them as well. I don't go in as often as I should *wink* but that might change if I can remove myself from some of the newsletters that take so much of my time. What's wrong with your cat? I hope he/she gets better soon. I love cats.
    Kudos for writing 22 books! Please keep writing as I wanna keep reading. :-)

    Mel K.

  2. My favorite updates on Facebook usually have something to do with pop culture. It's fun to see what's stickin' in someone's craw (oooh, that Octuplet-Mom drew a lot of nasties). And, how else would I have known to watch that one AZ Cardinals game - the one that took them to the Super Bowl - if it weren't for my friends' status updates on Facebook.

    I SOOOOOooooOOO cannot stand MySpace. For me, it's a graveyard of ex-boyfriends (because a lot of them are musicians) and the ol' just because you can "pimp your page" doesn't mean you should pimp it.

    As for Twitter? I blow. I'm not interesting enough to Twitter. It would just be one obsessive, self-conscious, insecure, fear-ridden rant right after another. That's what my diary is for. BURN AFTER READING....

  3. Mel: I guess I missed out on the myspace rush, but cool you hook up with bands that way! Let me know what you think of the books and I swear I'll keep writing until they pry the keyboard from my cold, dead fingers.

  4. Francine:
    You are the QUEEN of pop culture. I always learn something when you post anywhere! If my 18-yr-old too-cool-for-school son thinks you're cool, you're cool. I hereby dub you Queen of Cool.

  5. Daphne- what I like the best about Facebook is that I don't know in advance what I will like. I realize that may sound odd, but my world of interests, concerns, friends, etc. has diversified greatly since I became active on Facebook. And I love never knowing who or what will appear. It is the heart of life.
    As corny as it sounds, I feel like I know you so much better just in these last few months of our "corresponding" on Facebook, than in our semi-annual lunches we used to do. I admire the hell out of you - just wanted to throw that in there.
    Namaste and love,

  6. Dawn -

    Love Facebook! I have new relationships online with folks I have either lost touch with or otherwise do not have time for. I am having a great time sharing laughs and in times like these, need to keep in touch less we all sink into this economic maelstrom caused by bankers and republicans.

  7. LOL! Dawn. I'll let you know about the books later. I connected with Dave Navarro through MySpace. Remember him with Jane's Addiction. This is really atrange but a couple of days after we messaged each other (and I know it was him because of something he said *snicker*) he broke up with Carmen. I've met a lot of new bands and some of the bands I know personally. Next time you visit my page, check out the Genitortures. Gen's a friend of mine. She pierced my belly button. *g*

    Mel K.

  8. At the moment, I'm drinking my morning tea, have just finished reading and answering my e-mail. Then I will get down to writing.

    I do have a My Space page that I would update more frequently if I had some updates to post.

    I don't Twitter and I don't visit Facebook to make comments. Not interested and don't have the time.

    My social networking involves my e-mail loops, local chapter meetings and hanging out with my fellow harp playing buddies.

    Congratulations on having published 22 books!