Monday, May 16, 2011

Two NEW e-book releases...Wahoo!

This is so cool! I published two books--an erotic novella and a sexy romantic comedy on both Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook--and already the sales are coming in. Way, way cool. Check them out. On Amazon for the Kindle, here's Letting Go, an erotic novella and Cross My Heart.

For the Barnes & Noble Nook, check out Letting Go and Cross My Heart. You can always search by "(title) by Dawn Atkins, of course, and get there, too.
I'm curious about what you think of the covers, too, which I had designed. Let me know.
So now I'm part of the wild and wonderful world of e-publishing.
Wish me luck. Enjoy your e-readers. I'm loving mine.
All the best,
Dawn Atkins  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hot, new Dawn Atkins book for Kindle

I did it! I placed a never-before-published Dawn Atkins sexy novela on Kindle. It's about two lawyers who turn out to be really hot for each other. Sex in the office...who knew how great that could be? I mean getting stabbed by letter openers, bruised by paper weights, oh, the possibilities. Check it out. Only $1.99! The title, Letting Go, turns out to be a popular one, so search for it as "Lettting Go by Dawn Atkins." The heroine has trouble with letting go, if you catch my drift. You can buy it here

This was so cool to do, I have to say. I got so excited I also posted one of my first published books from Kensington. It should appear in two days. It's a romantic comedy. Here's the cover I had designed for it.
What do you think? Let me know if you get a chance. I'll write again when it's up and ready for purchase.
Now back to the SuperRomance due soon. Yikes!
 All my best,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rubbernecking a Car Wreck--new season of Real Housewives of Orange County

My name is Dawn Atkins and I'm addicted to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It's on it's sixth season and every time I see the teasers for a new season, I swear I'm going to stop. But I can't peel my eyes off the continually crazier high-school antics of this crowd of fake-boob-bedecked, Botox-puffed, gaggle of conspicuous consumers.

Of course, after each episode, I have to take a shower, but I come back for more next week. I'm not alone. I coaxed my husband into watching the first season with me, all the while listening to him say how dirty it made him feel, but he couldn't take his eyes off the screen and he watches every season lying right beside me, bugging his eyes at me, saying, "Can you believe she said that?"

Why am I like this? Every season when the women turn into mean girls and harpies and the show devolves into a scream fest between narcisists I tell myself, this is not good for me. This damages my soul. I must stop watching.

But, next week, I'll be right there with my DVR clicker to rewind to resee the most outrageous moments. It's like childbirth. You forget how much it hurts until the next time.

What gulity pleasure shows do you watch? Please share. Make me feel less depraved.

For now, I'm going back to writing fiction, where my characters could never get away with that behavior. Unlike real life, fictional characters have to earn their successes and grow and change in the book. The Real Housewives only seem to get worse.

Can you believe that Alexis spent the whole dinner party crying because her husband wasn't there?