Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Demon Dogs and Fresh Starts

I just saw the cover of my November SuperRomance and got that old jittery feeling from when my first book was on the shelves--that was 24 books ago, by the way. This is my first SuperRomance and though it's solidly a Dawn Atkins book, with the same sensuality, emotion and type of story, it has a slightly different flavor.

I love this story. It has a long and complex history and has gone through many changes over the years since it first popped into my brain and demanded to be written.
It's about a girl who basically grew up in a one-of-a-kind shopping mall and the man who's about to sell it out from under her.
It's about more than that, of course, but just to give you a taste. Shopping mall, Christmas shopping, threatened job loss, sabotage and, um, Satanic puppies. Sigh.

I'm nervous. Will readers of my Blaze stories pick up this new book? Do people even BUY Christmas books? How about new readers? Will they take a chance on a "new" SuperRomance author? And, perhaps most importantly, will they choose a cover with a demon dog leering up at the couple?

This made me laugh--the weird dog picture--since the reason a Cavalier King spaniel is even in the book is because I think they're the cutest puppies EVER. I mean, melt-your-heart, stuffed-animal darling. Where this possibly rabid beast came from is beyond me. Sigh.

So, somebody reassure me that even spawn of Satan spaniels won't scare away buyers, okay? And what do you think about new/old authors writing for different lines? Oh, and Christmas books? Do they get you in the spirit or are they overkill?

Anyway, watch for this book to hit shelves in early November.
Okay, time to lie down with an ice pack on my head.