Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good-bye and Hello to New Story People

I just sent HOME TO HARMONY to my editor! That's the SuperRomance that will be out in January. (A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS releases this November, by the way.)

It's set in an old Arizona commune called HARMONY HOUSE and it features a woman who returns to the Arizona commune where she grew up with her troubled teenage son, only to fall in love with a man and the place.

It was an emotional story for me, since it's based on the idea of letting go of expectations and accepting love and people as they come to you--a personal, um, issue of my own.

I have to say Christine, Marcus and David (the teenager) have been in my mind since I finished. I miss them, you know? I'd been working on that book off and on for five years or more. I'm so glad their story will be on the shelves. January can't come too soon.

So that means I've been working on new story ideas. My brain feels like a popcorn popper shooting out ideas right and left--some fluffy, some burnt seeds. It's always a relief that I have new ideas and can find characters I fall in love with whose stories I want to tell.

I'm excited about an after-school program in a mixed neighborhood and the man and woman trying to rescue it for different reasons and in different ways. Gabriel Golden is Mexican-Irish and tough as nails. He offers an athletic program that kicks ass. Blond and bubbly Felicity Sanders wants to change the program AND Gabriel... I'm talking SPARKS.

Then there's Tara Wharton dragged back to the small town named after her family when her sister and father die in a suspicious accident...that might have been murder. Her high school soul-mate, Dylan Ryland, now the town manager, seems to be protecting the chief suspect--his own father.

I'm starting to get attached to these folks and can't wait to fish their stories out of my fevered brain. It will be a struggle, I promise you. At times like this I need the address of that warehouse in Schnectedy--you know, the one where they store the good ideas?
All my best,
Dawn Atkins