Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tickled Pink over January Review

I just got the Romantic Times review of HOME TO HARMONY, the book that wouldn't die.

It had several versions and plot twists and turns and cuts until my head spun, but it came out pretty good in my humble opinion. I'm delighted to discover that the reviewer at Romantic Times Book Club agrees, giving it 4 stars. Here's the review:

Christine Waters returns to Harmony House with her young son, David, after 18 years away. She plans to stay just for the summer to help her mother recover from surgery, but meeting fellow Harmony resident Dr. Marcus Bernard may change her mind.

Living there while he finishes a book, psychiatrist Marcus agrees to help her son with his emotional problems. Soon Marcus and Christine are unable to resist a powerful attraction.

Atkins combines a great use of description with well-drawn characters for an interesting read.

Not sure I'm in love with the cover. The dog's perfect, the setting's right, but Marcus just looks...well...kind of blah. Sigh. There's always something.

The book comes out in January, which is supposedly not a good release month, since post-holiday empty pockets means people don't spend much...but one little book? Come on...You know you want to....Just this once... You can read it slow, make it last all month...