Friday, January 23, 2009

Books Came Early--Let's Celebrate

Turns out that my April Blaze--here's the cover--is actually out in March, which is way cool, but also nerve-wracking because I haven't sent in an update for my Web site and I've been telling readers it's April, not March. Yikes!
So, in honor of my boo-boo and the always-exciting arrival of a box of author books, I'd like to give away 5 of these babies.
The story is about a Manhattan events planner who must return to her small town in southern Arizona to rescue her father's failing guest ranch...oh, and fall in love again with the guy she had a brief high school fling with, the foreman of the ranch.
There's suspense and humor and, of course, plenty of naked fun.
If you're interested in winning a copy of STILL IRRESISTIBLE, tell me what influences you most to buy a book: fave author, cover, back blurb, first page. If you saw MY cover, would you want to buy the book?
All my best,
Dawn, who has her box of books at her side


  1. Dawn;
    Congrats on the box of books arriving early. You must be thrilled!!

    What influences me to buy a book-
    First, fave author/author recognition. Fave authors top my list.

    When looking at new authors it's the blurb and the first chapter. If I'm unfamiliar with an author, I'll read the full first chapter before buying.

    Covers -- they are a nice bonus but it's what is inside the book that matters really.

    Your cover for Simply Irresistible, the title is fitting LOL I'm not sure I'd be able to resist this one and probably buy for the cover.

    I wish you HUGE success with this new release!

    Tracey West

  2. Well, if it's written by favorite author, I buy it. If it's an author whose books I haven't read, it's the back blurb that makes me decide whether I buy it or not. And yeah, great cover is a nice bonus and it does draw my attention to a book in a bookstore, but I never buy a book just because of a pretty cover.

  3. Thanks, Tracey and Minna for your quick comments! Good to know what draws you to a new book, and, Tracey, I hope sales are good on this one, too.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Your cover is fantastic! If I saw it and I didn't know you I'd definitely buy the book. It's my favorite kind of cover. Yummy.
    The story sounds fantastic and I'd love to win a copy. Please, let me hold one by my side. *g* Favorite author, cover, first page, colors on cover...all those things influence me to buy a book.

    Mel K.
    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  5. Hey, Melissa:
    Glad you like the cover. According to TPTB, covers sell more books than any other aspect of the "package." We'll see if I nab more readers with this one.

  6. I love male torsos on covers. I don't even look at the face. lol! Just love that six pack. Makes me buy a book every time. I really wish your cover was scratch and sniff! *G*


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  8. Woohoo! Congrats on the new book!! I have my copy on order, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! :)

  9. LOL! Please put that hot man in my hands, Dawn. The cover is killing me!

    Mel K.

  10. Love that cover -- I'll be looking for it at my nearest Target, and probably fighting off other shoppers with a stick!

  11. Hey, you all: Thanks so much for your feedback on my cover and book aspects that make you buy!

    Combining your posts with those on my eharlequin companion blog, I have drawn names and, drum roll, please...
    Tracey and Mel K, if you'll email me your addresses at, I'll put STILL IRRESISTIBLE in the mail for you!

  12. You book looks m'avelous, d'aling, simply m'avelous! I can't wait to read it!

    What influences me in buying a book is a favorite author. If they are a new author I will read the first page. If their voice and style grabs me, I buy it. If it's a new author I've never read, it's the cover that grabs me. For instance, I was in the grocery story recently and always, always have to brouse through the books. I saw one on the shelf by C.S. Harris called When Mermaids Sing. The cover intrigued me first because I will be working on an urban fantasy this year about Niads--in the mermaid family. Then I read the first page--It told me two things: It was a historical mystery and the author's voice grabbed me immediately. I bought it, read it, loved it. Now I must read anything new by them and of course their back list.

    I hope that Still Irresistible sells, sells, sells!!

    Have a great day all,


  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dawn! You just made my day!

    Congrats, Tracey!

    Mel K.

  14. So awesome, thank you so much Dawn.
    I've emailed you my addy. I am so looking forward to reading SI.

    Congrats Mel!!

    *wearing a beaming smile*