Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Save me from the Ravages of The Fat Season

The Fat Season has officially begun. Help! I have a love/hate relationship with October, November and December. The love is obvious, but the hate is related to food, specifically sweets in my case. Halloween, Thanksgiving (a little, since the traditional holiday foods aren't my favorite indulgences--well, except for homemade rolls), and then Christmas with all the parties and cookies and alcohol and candy everywhere you go just about kills me.

I've maniacally exercised and been militant about staying lowish carb for the last couple months and I'm nearly my target weight.

Yet, I can easily slap on 10 pounds in the next month or so, while STILL exercising madly. Desperately need tips for controlling self at parties, etc., to not lose the ground I've gained. I'm watching THINtervention AND America's Biggest Losers in self defense.... Help!

I've threatened my husband if he brings home any of the homemade or high-end food gifts his patients bring him I will divorce him.

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