Monday, May 18, 2009

Do opposites attract?

Jensen Eccles of Supernatural fame is the actor most like Chase McCann, the hero of my next book.
Now I don't mean the brooding tortured soul part of Jensen, but the easy-going rascal aspects.
My heroine, Sylvie Stark, reminds me of a young Cameron Diaz, with long curly hair, who's wound a bit tight and way too serious about EVERYthing. Sylvie is all career, all the time, absolutely dependable and utterly responsible. Chase, well, not so much. But he knows how to enjoy the moment like nobody else.
As I tell their story, they both have some rubbing-off to do. Uh-oh, now where is your mind? I MEANT their personalities. They have plenty of those sparks going on already.
Sylvie needs to loosen up a little in both work and her personal life and Chase needs to buckle down and commit himself in both work and love.
Oh, and there's a puppy who brings out Chase's sense of home and Sylvie's sense of fun, which works out handily for all three of them.
I've been thinking about compatiblity--hey, it's easier than working through the plot snag in the story I'm struggling with.
My husband and I have differences. I'm kinda Sylvie-ish and he's pretty Chase, but we make it work. In fact, our differences strengthen our relationship.
Is that always the case though? Do you think opposites in personality spice up a relationship or doom it to failure? Does it matter what those differences are? What are the must-haves in couple compatibility?
Oh, and, while we're on the subject of Supernatural, what did you think of the season finale closer??? Don't get me started....
Dawn Atkins


  1. My husband and I are complete opposites and we celebrated our
    20th anniversary this past Wednesday. I think people who are more alike don't get along. My .02cents.

    I've never watched Supernatural. Sorry.

    Have a great day


  2. That made me laugh - when my husband and I were getting married we went to one session of pre-marital counseling that involved taking a compatibility test. We came out 11% compatible and the counselor looked at us like "it's not too late, you know." LOL! We've almost been married 10 years, now, and while we have to talk A LOT to get to common ground, I'm never bored. ;)

  3. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. For us, we both mellowed over the years so that we have more things in common than we used to. There are crucial things, values, that you must share, but beyond that, our differences are what make us interesting, right?