Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dawn Atkins Blogs Alone

Here it is! My very own personal blog. Stay tuned for the dribbles of thoughts, ideas and ponderings--profound, profane and mundane-- from romantic comedy author Dawn Atkins.
Be among the first five to say hello and you'll win a copy of my current release. I'm feeling pretty generous today.
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For now, back to my deadline!
Dawn Atkins


  1. Hey, all, forgive the double photo. I'm not that vain, just messing with my template and can't figure out how to delete the first photo.
    So much fun!
    Dawn, The VAIN

  2. Well, it's a good start for a blog. You obviously have some free time! What's with that 'other' writer named Dawn Atkins??

  3. Dawn, I'm impressed you're doing this alone -- talk about a demanding job! Good luck with the maintenance; I hope it turns into a really fun sideline.

  4. Dear P:
    The OTHER Dawn Atkins, oh, yeah.... You mean the editor of gay and lesbian non-fiction books? Well, that's a lesson in Googling your pseudonym before you tell it to your editor. I was new, excited, and clueless at the time. Every now and then I'll get a post from someone looking for the OTHER Dawn Atkins.
    Lesson learned, but it's a big tent in my author world

  5. Daphne!! Is this where I'm supposed to post favorite ways to waste time? I guess #1 these days is fooling with Facebook---quite addictive but this is only my first week on there, so it may get old. Surfing the web in general eats up way too much of most days when I should be Reading Serious Stuff, or Doing Good Works of various kinds. Went to a book talk a few weeks ago by Anita Shreve, very interesting---she mentioned the dreaded plot tangles but seemed very disciplined about writing X hours every day (in longhand!!)
    Gotta go, PMF* will be here soon expecting dinner. Good luck with the blog!
    * = platonic male friend

  6. Looks awesome! I'm adding you to my Google Reader (you're in select company) and my blogroll. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

  7. Daphne - the site looks great, and so do you. Full-time authorship must agree with you. Hope I made it in the first five. I look for your books. I didn't get your first e-mail, but got the second. How great to see a comment from Ann Kurzius. Sounds like retirement is fun, except for the pmf part. What's up with that? Retirement isn't supposed to mean no xxx life, is it? Anyway, good luck with the blog. I was surprised I got in since the ea blocks blogs. Love to you and your son, who must be almost all grown up now. Miss you. Best of luck. I like the two pictures, although I hate that you are still so beautiful and thin. There are two of you???? Now that is funny. PS - I'm still in NJ working hard -doing issues research. Writing this from a conference in New Orleans which is great but surprisingly oh so cold now. Have a great holiday season. xoxoxo Martha

  8. Dawn, hello,

    Why not post your photo twice. It's a really hot photo. Do you share the name of your photographer?

    A voice from the past,
    --Connie Flynn

  9. You go, girl! Think of blogging as a quick little, easy respite from your deadlines. A place to share ideas, gain support, and vent! (I love to blog!) - Ann Videan

  10. Okay, you lucky first posters...If you'd like a copy of my November Blaze, email your address to and I'll pop it in the mail.

    Connie, the photographer is John Hall. His wife does makeup/hair for the local ABC affiliate, so it was the combo that worked for me...oh, and the false eyelashes.

    Ann, you have such good social network habits, you're inspiring!

  11. You're looking lovely, Daphne. Since I'm not posting this until late on Dec. 8, I've obviously been wasting time since receiving your invitation. How? Visiting friends, e-mail, Xmas shopping--online and in the stores--cooking (to avoid real work), creating Office Max Elfin greetings, reading random publications, playing computer games, planning menus for three weeks from now. You're free to replicate any that pique your time-wasting interest.


  12. Congratulations on venturing into the world of blogging--alone! You're a better woman than I for sure.

    Cher :-)

  13. Good evening Dawn, Like you, I've just started my blog. I'm not as far along as you. I'm also with and a member or RWA - You may know me: Sam Turner. You may reach me at My regular email is